Saturday, March 26, 2005

See Cheryl run!

Cheryl has taken the bookstick and run with it!

When she is rescued from her deserted island, she will be svelte and sexy and strong from all the exercise she's been doing (and from the weight of the glued together books she is hiding under her blouse).


Cheryl said...

Saw your comment at Melinama's, then saw this, and thought of you:

Mary said...

Thanks! It looks like something worth following, for me anyway. Indian colonial history is fascinating, and the Mutiny especially interesting. One thing I found when I was researching it (a loooong time ago) was that it wasn't really one Mutiny, but a series of uprisings. Why they happened, and often in vastly separated areas with little or no contact with each other, will keep historians busily arguing with each other for CENTURIES.