Wednesday, May 26, 2004


Well, here I am, in two places at once. I am also over at tBlog (lexical symbolic constructions). Now I have an alternative for when tBlog has a fainting spell, as it does occasionally. Instead of waving smelling salts frantically in front of my computer in a vain effort to revive it, I'll be able to post here when the words are just bursting to get out.

So you can expect this to be an intermittant blog, unless I decide to move over permanently (in which case I'll have to figure out how to move my archives over). Posts will appear here when I can't access tBlog.

Regarding the change of name: when I started at tBlog I was about to visit NZ and see my family, and was full of guilt about being a bad aunt. This influenced my choice. (I wrote a wee book about this, on a guilt-ridden Wednesday afternoon many years ago.) I have now become Theic, which means, according to The Endangered English Dictionary, one who drinks too much tea. This describes me perfectly.

Regarding the blog name, I had been studying at the time lexical symbolic constructions was launched, and had a grammar dictionary handy. I like grammar words. Lexical symbolic constructions is a complicated way of saying words, and my life felt complicated at the time, all tangled up with words.

These days my life feels simpler. I thought of calling this blog present perfect, but that would be tempting fate a little too much, so I settled for present simple because it is, really. The past and the future may be hideously complex, but the present is simple.

Just one breath, and then another.