Saturday, April 22, 2006


The other day I witnessed a conversion.

I was early for work, and cycled up the river admiring the cherry blossoms. They were lovely.

Further up, where a small canal flowed into the river, I spotted a heron.

The heron didn't see me. I went up on the bridge to get a better view, and from there I overheard EVERYTHING. This heron talked to himself a lot.

"Oooh, baby..." I heard him say.

"Heeeeere fishyfishyfishyfishyfishy!"

"GOOOOOD little fishy... come to me ... you know you really want to ... Nirvana awaaaaits you ... "


"They don't call me the Fish Whisperer for nothing. HA HA HA HA HA! "

"Let's see if there are any more over here..."


"Bloody karma! I KNEW I shouldn't have become a Buddhist!"

"Maybe it's time to get born again. Being forgiven for everything is SO convenient."

"I suppose I could become a Freethinker, but who wants to THINK? Faith is easier. Besides, everybody knows there really is a Big Bird in the Sky. There must be. I'm irreducibly complex."

"Aha! There you are. HEEEEEERE... fishyfishyfishyfishyfishy ... Goooood little fishy ... Heaven awaaaaaaits you... "

I cycled to work, shocked. I'd thought the heron was deeply spiritual, but apparently he was just lazy. Also, he was into fish deception AND used bad language when he thought nobody was listening.

How appalling.


lynnylchan said...

Oooh! Caught in the act, heron! Too lazy to think for himself, too. What a birdbrain.

Radioactive Jam said...

Hasn't the heron been a subject favored by artistic masters for centuries? If they knew what you know, should we not reconsider our interpretations of their works?

Wiccachicky said...

:o) Such a cute little story.

The Editter said...

I thought he was doing some kind of surfing, but you're right, he looks far more intense and devious than that.

irreducibly complex, hehe!

Cheryl said...


Meegan said...

Oh the cherry blossom's look so spectacular!

Pookie65 said...

What a beautiful photo and verbal story! In Florida we get our share of Heron but never the kind with the markings as your captured. Ours are all white but equally as funny.

Hope your weekend is splendid!

Jude said...

That heron is really intelligent! Great blog!!! I love it!!!

All the best,

Kay said...

Made my day, one that needed making; this is a badaunt-bloggie that needs a few reads and coming back to!!!! Thanx!

kenju said...

This is a great welcome back from my vacation!