Saturday, April 01, 2006

Blossom, early or late

I said before that The Man and I had finally learned how to tell the difference between cherry and plum blossoms. It turns out I was wrong. Neither of us can decide what this one is. It is either an early cherry or a late plum.

But who cares? The blossoms are just coming out, and they're lovely. (Click to enlarge.)


Pkchukiss said...

In my capacity as the city boy who has served national service, I recognise this as a Frangipani.

(... obviously the wrong answer, but that was what it looked like to me. The petals of a Frangipani look stronger and smoother, with a slight yellow tinge radiating out from the centre of the flower. That is, if what I have seen in the jungles of Singapore are what you call Frangipani.)

Bill C said...

Gorgeous indeed; a fine photo. I don't think we have anything quite like this in our near-tropical latitude. Private gardens, maybe; definitely not a common sight here.

Yash said...

Nice picture.
now, about my page, the image is behind the text and its black so it just blends in with the text. I want to lighten the image text so that its grey but I dont have anything xcept paint installed on my laptop right now. and sadly, the problem is still there. I can only see one post. the next post appears with the comment after i click the comment button.