Thursday, April 13, 2006


Today was the second week at one of the universities. I walked into my first class, of second-year students, and nobody took a blind bit of notice. They all slouched around chatting, and ignored me COMPLETELY. I had to yell to get their attention, just to call the roll.

Yesterday I was the star of the classroom. Today I had become invisible. There is nothing like teaching for keeping things real. How deflating.

(But by the end of class they were all sitting up straight and totally focused. Turns out they LOVE it when I get mad at their horrible pronunciation.)

Up again at five tomorrow...


Pkchukiss said...

Sometimes, the atmosphere of a class can be best defined by just a few of the more influential ones. If the influential ones are enthusiastic, they naturally take the class into a heightened state of euphoria. Just be sure to check to make sure they all didn't pop any Ecstacy pills before hand.

I guess the dominant ones aren't in that class, which then defaults to being a quiet, shy atmosphere, waiting for Sensei to start all the interactions.

Bill C said...

So much for staying on the crest of the wave, eh. Still. No anarchy, and - your ACE (Applause, Cheers, Encouragement) class should recharge your super powers - if not your visibility - before you face the challengers, yes? Hope so. :-)