Saturday, March 04, 2006

The dance

"HEY, GUYS!" shouted a gull, flying in to greet his friends. "Guess what? I've been learning how to dance!"

"Dance?" asked his friends. "What do you mean? How?"

"Watch this!" said the gull. He was terrifically excited.

"First you go like this!" he said. "And then you go like this!"

His friends watched carefully. "Brilliant! How did you do that?" asked one.

"Watch my feet," said the gull, proudly. "I'll teach you."

"Like this!"

They were doing the first step together when there was a shout from across the river.

"THAT'S THE STUPIDEST DANCE I HAVE EVER SEEN!" yelled a cormorant, so loudly that the heron's head exploded.

It was terrible.

"Cor blimey!" said the cormorant. "Sorry, mate. I got carried away."

"Idiot!" mumbled the heron.

"Er, can I do anything to help?" asked the cormorant.

"NO," said the heron. "You've done enough already. I'll fix it myself."

And to everybody's amazement, he did.

The result wasn't QUITE perfect, but we all assured him that nobody would notice.

The gulls, slightly embarrassed, decided that dancing was not quite such a good idea after all.


tinyhands said...

Bloody cormorants. Love it.

Bill C said...

How do you get those bird-brains to stick to your script?

I expect "the heron's head exploded" will be running through on my mind for some time, like a stuck jingle or tune only more pleasant.

Cheryl said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

kenju said...

I agree with Cheryl. You have such a wonderful imagination; I still think you should write a children's book.

Anonymous said...

i'm here via kenju's site.
this was just hilarious!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wonderful storytelling.

I feel for the heron. I hate it when my head explodes.

Fuzzball said...

These stories make my DAY. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity!!!

Weary Hag said...

First time visitor via Kenju. This is just adorable! Your timing is impeccable. Wonderfully entertaining.

Angeline Larimer said...

You are my kind of gal! I spend more time watching birds at the beach than I do splashing around. Most people call seagulls rats with wings, but I'm certain they've got personal lives and thoughts (Jonathan Livingston Seagull?)
I LOVE herons. I'm very glad his head didn't really explode.
I LOVE this concept...I might copy it with squirrels (no seagulls around here--sniff).


Anonymous said...

Oh, that's fabulous. Thanks for scripting me a smile.

Bill C said...

A year later and it's still one of my all-time favorite phrases, especially given my recent personal connection.