Thursday, March 02, 2006

Invisible building

Today I went into Osaka to meet a friend. I arrived a little early at the meeting place, and popped outside to see if it was raining. When I left the house it was sunny, but on the train I had noticed some very dark clouds moving in, and I wondered if it was going to rain.

It was not raining, but it had been. The road was wet. I gazed at the gloomy sky, or what I could see of it between the buildings.

Something really, really odd caught my eye, and I looked harder. Was I hallucinating? What I could see did not make sense. The sky had windows painted on it!

When my brain had finally figured out what was going on and I wasn't feeling quite so bewildered, I pulled out my camera and took a couple of pictures. The first one is above. For the second picture I used the zoom.

I have cropped and enlarged the second picture. If you look closely you can see the faint outline of the building. With my eyes I couldn't.

When my friend arrived I dragged her outside to see the amazing invisible building, but the sky had already changed colour. She could see what I was talking about, but the outline of the building was visible. I had been there at exactly the right moment, WITH MY CAMERA.

How often does THAT happen?


Pookie65 said...

That is a very cool thing. It really does look like the windows are floating in mid air. I love things like this -- things that make you second guess what you're seeing and force you to look deeper to get to the bottom of it.

Thanks for sharing this. Now I am going to be on the hunt for something unusual of my own!

Hope you have a wonderful & magical day.

kenju said...

That's a good challenge for the rest of us.

Radioactive Jam said...

Two words: "cloud formation."

Lia said...

That never happens. I've seen those special moments, but even if I have the camera, the pictures don't come out.