Monday, December 19, 2005

Bad hair day

"I am not feeling very good today," said the bird. "I think I'll just stand here in the dead weeds, and sulk."

A gull was sitting on a rock nearby. It called out.

"Hey, bird!" it shouted. "I know what your problem is! You're standing the wrong way! It happens to me, too. Look! If I stand this way - "

" - See? But if I stand THIS way - "

"No problem! You should try it!"

"Could that be it?" wondered the bird. "Am I just looking in the wrong direction? Is my outlook all wrong?"

The bird turned around, and regarded its reflection in the water. Nothing had changed.

"PISS OFF!" it shouted to the gull. "DON'T YOU KNOW A BAD HAIR DAY WHEN YOU SEE ONE?"

"Oh, a bad hair day," said the gull. "Can't do anything about that."

"You should have said so in the first place."


kenju said...

Very creative. I just love how you know exactly what the birds are thinking!

kenju said...

Thanks for the visit and the comment. I laughed at what you said about a student taking up your speech patterns and you not liking it - even though you recognized where she got them.

A psychic once said that almost anything you dislike in another person can also be found in you. Perhaps he was right!

Wendy said...

That was great - love the way your mind works...although..with a brain score of 0....naah...the test is screwed up..your brain is cool.