Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Caption contest

Several readers (well, one anyway) have expressed concern that I seem to understand what birds are saying. All I can respond to this is, Well, pffft! Can't you? They may not say stuff out loud, but it's all in the body language.

To demonstrate this, I am holding a caption contest. In these pictures it is perfectly obvious that something is going on. Can't you hear what the birds are saying? Of course you can. And you can tell me, by email or in comments.

The prize (if you can call it that) for the winning caption(s) is that the pictures will be republished along with the winning captions. You may use all or some of the pictures.

Judging will take place a week from now, which means, er, Wednesday next week. (My time, which probably means Tuesday for some of you.)

Go on, then. Prove that I'm not the only one who can read bird brains.


Picture 2:

Picture 3:

Picture 4:

Picture 5:

Picture 6:

Picture 7:

Picture 8:


sPiRit^dAnCer said...

picture one: where IS it..?
picture two: is it here...?
picture three: or maybe here...?
picture four: or maybe..??
picture five: hey! look at me standing on one leg!
picture six: yeah well, WHATEVER..i'm too busy to be bothered with you..
picture seven: haha! found it!
picture eight: i go then..continue standing on one leg for the whole night if you want. i most certainly don't care.

The Editter said...

picture one: ... 99, 100!

picture two: COMING READY OR NOT!

picture three: bet you're round this corner...

picture four: or on top of the rock?

picture five: OK, ya found me!

picture six: your turn to hide

picture seven: off you go!

picture eight: ... 82, 83, shit shit, gotta find a rock soon!!!

kenju said...

#1. "Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink".

#5. "Herbie gave me this cute new poncho for my birthday, but it's too thin. I get cold in it!"

BerlinBear said...

#1. "Eww, that's not what I think it is, is it? That's disgusting!"

#2. "Oh, no wait, it's not. It can't be, because if it were, you'd expect there to be some round here too, and there isn't."

#3. "Or is there?"

#4. "Nope. All clear. Phew!"

#5. "Oooi! Whitey. Yeah, you, I'm talking to you. Back off, you hear me? This here is my rock, and I'll do what I damn well please. It's all me up in here. Now get!"

#6. "Oops! Yikes. Now, if I just slip away quietly, like so..."

#7. "... head down, careful not to splash..."

#8. "... then I think maybe, just maybe, I can make a clean getaway. Noone need ever know this happened."

RachelNZ said...

#1 Bird waits for tide to change so he can escape

#2 Bird discovers escape harder than first predicted

#3 Bird hunts for new challenge

#4 Bird settles for neck stretching competition

#5 "Hang on while I undo this button"

#6 Bird gives up after 6 hours through lack of competition.

#7 "On reflection...there may be a rival..."

#8 "Oh sod it!...."

BerlinBear said...

So what happened to the judging then?

carrie said...

picture five is awesome.