Monday, March 14, 2005

More interview answers... and a challenge

Mel has answered her interview questions!

A couple of links (challenges!), because the only things to happen to me today were that I bought a new pair of slippers and it snowed (but didn't stick), and neither of these things are exciting enough to write about. Oh, and also I have some pleasant aches in funny places, caused by yesterday's adventures at the gym, but those aren't entertaining blog material either.

If you enjoyed the number quiz that She Weevil posted the other day, and fancy another challenge, you might enjoy the CHART (Chimera High Ability Riddle Test).

Note that
There is no time limit, and any reference materials (books, computers, internet, etc.) may be used, but soliciting or receiving help from other people or using someone else's answers or hints on solving these problems is prohibited. The answer to each problem is a word, which is in some cases a name.
This means that when you get the answers, do NOT post them in comments or anywhere else. You will know you've got them.

A shorter and more difficult version is the CORE (Chimera Oblique Riddle Exam).

Both of these have been around for a while, but if you haven't tried them I recommend it. Bloggers are word people, and these are word quizzes.

Warning: These quizzes WILL drive you batty and use up a lot of thinking time. They did me, when I found them a couple of years ago. But they are also enormous fun, and they are possible. I got them all, eventually, and took them to work, where everybody hated me for a while. I think it was in the second one that there were two possible answers (in my opinion) to one of the questions, and I chose the 'wrong' one, so I didn't quite get a perfect score.

Both of the above pages link to the answers, so if you want to cheat, go ahead. But it won't be nearly as much fun as if you get them yourself.

The prizes? Lots of little brain-popping-with-joy AHA! moments.


Kimberly said...

Finally, here are my interview answers. I answered four that you sent me, and borrowed one of your questions to fellow Texan Tiny Hands. (Though I no longer live there, I was born a Texan, and I'll always be a Texan.)