Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Another interview! And fashion

Kimberley over at Music and Cats has answered her interview questions, and very interesting they are, too. Legwarmers with heels a fashion mistake? Tell my students that! (Please!) Kimberley is clearly blissfully ignorant of Japanese fashion trends and doesn't realise that her fashion mistake was not a mistake; she was just ahead of her time. And in the wrong country. If you don't believe me, go and look here. This was the only picture I could find. (Scroll down and it's the one at the top right.)

Perhaps I'll take my camera the next time I go to Namba and get some more up-to-date shots of the latest fashions. I promise you, no fashion mistake you ever made will ever seem quite so bad after you see what fashions are popular here.


Kimberly said...

I'd heard that legwarmers are coming back in fashion -- Horrors! I was so far ahead of this trend as to have been wearing them way back in the seventh decade of the last century. There's some "fashion" that I don't mind seeing come around again, but legwarmers don't fall into that category.

Badaunt said...

Allow me to introduce you to the most lasting fashion I've ever seen in Japan - these have been around since the 90s:


But you have to be a high school girl to wear them. Or a university student dressed up as a high school girl. (They keep their old uniforms just for this purpose.)