Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Another theory

Several of our Japanese friends have come down with extremely nasty colds and 'flus. Not the influenza Type A that The Man had (and has still not fully recovered from). They have colds, and influenza Type B. But these are not ordinary colds and 'flus; they are demon colds and 'flus. They bring misery and devastation, and the victims are unable to carry on with their normal daily lives. It is taking them a long time to recover.

The Man has a theory about these illnesses that have been sweeping Japan. His theory even explains why I am so disgustingly healthy. He says that these are not ordinary illnesses; they are vicious biological weapons, genetically modified and designed to attack only Japanese people.

He blames North Korea. We know their army isn't as tough as they like to pretend it is (their army is shorter than me, for goodness sakes!). It is logical that they are resorting to alternative methods for attacking their sworn enemy.

Pretty soon my foreign friends and I will be the only sane and healthy people left.

(And then we'll take over. Prepare for an outbreak of sanity from this little corner of the world.)


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