Tuesday, March 08, 2005

More answers

Librarianguish has answered her interview questions. She says they made her nostalgic. Her answers made me nostalgic, too, and I have never been to camp in my life. Nor did I have a teacher called Mr Cain.

She claims she has never done anything dangerous or stupid in her life, and isn't that a conincidence? Neither have I.


Paula said...

conincidenceHmm, a freudian slip, perchance? Badaunt doesn't make typos or misspell, so I think this is a suppressed desire to confess a long-buried memory about something stupid/dangerous. Come on, you can tell us...we're all fiends here.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry--there's plenty of time left to do something dangerous or stupid!


Badaunt said...

"How I nearly became a candidate for the Darwin Awards But Was Saved by My Extraordinary Intelligence and Courage*" coming your way soon.

But first, drinks with the RL fiends. (Expect incoherence.)

*aka blind luck

melinama said...


I finally complied (sort of) with the interview meme at http://pratie.blogspot.com/2005/03/badaunts-interview.html