Monday, May 14, 2007


I got some more poppy pictures today, too. There seem to be more and more of them, and I love these little flowers. In the third picture, you can see a tiny honeybee. I didn't even notice it was there when I took the picture.


Ms Mac said...

Poppies are really quite gorgeous. They look so fragile, with their slender stalks but the vibrant red on top is so strong.

kenju said...

Oh, I adore poppies! We don't get to use them in the flower business very often. Last week I saw a whole field of them in various colors of red-orange-yellow, planted along with purple larkspur. It was a glorious sight!!

Thanks for the advice and the hilarious link to your story about grandma's bath mat. I am going to link to it because everyone should read that!!

I do have a bath mat. It is clear plastic and it looks like shag carpet. I didn't slip, but lost my balance. I now have the shower chair AND a hand hold bar!

Radioactive Jam said...

Feeling... drowsy... Gaaah! Flying monkeys!

hiç kimse ve hiç bişey hakkında hiç bişeyler said...

u're just so lucky!
I've always wanted to live in japan!
enyoj the time that u spend there for me too :)
lots and lots of kisses


The Editter said...

I love poppies too. Lovely photos.

Now I'll have to follow up the grandma's bath mat story!

melanie said...

Lovely shots!

Badaunt said...

Ms Mac: These ones are orange - very delicate-looking, but obviously tough as old boots because they grow anywhere nobody chops them down. (Like in our garden, actually.)

Kenju: I don't know why there are only orange ones here, but I've never seen any other colour.

RaJ: You were supposed to admire the poppies, not smoke them.

hiç kimse ve hiç bişey hakkında hiç bişeyler: (I wish I know to read that!) I had a Turkish friend here for about 10 years, but she went back to Turkey. She found it quite tough with immigration laws and so on, but managed. Maybe you'll manage it too, one day...?

Editter: The grandma/bathmat story started from reading about an accident Kenju had in the shower, and a comment someone made about her being too young to need a shower chair. This is, of course, not true. I, personally, have used a shower chair for years and would feel deprived if someone took it away from me, and told her so. I also added that a sticky bath mat might be a good idea, if only for the entertainment value, and pointed her to a blog entry I wrote almost four years ago, to prove it.

It's a story that still makes me smile (a happy, if somewhat confusing-at-the-time memory from my childhood), and it's nice that people are reading it now. At the time I wrote it I only had about five readers. And Kenju has about 100 times more readers than I do now, so suddenly it's being read a LOT!

Keera Ann Fox said...

Lovely photos! I once saw a blue poppy, planted in a garden here in Norway. The poppy is the state flower of California, my home state, and you see the poppy everywhere, even in the desert. I like the idea of a state flower being "available" all over its state. :-) In Italy, I've seen bright red poppies ("poppy red").

Keera Ann Fox said...

PS: Just finished reading bathmat story! Had me LOL, too.