Monday, May 14, 2007

More nests

Today I managed to get some pictures of the new crow's nest down the road. They are not great pictures (it is hard to get good pictures against a glarey sky, and I can't get high enough to use any other background), but what I like about these pictures is that you can see the hangers that did not make it into the nest, dangling down underneath.

Of course it could be that since this nest is a work in progress those hangers are just waiting to be incorporated, but I prefer to think that even brainy, puzzle-solving crows have a hard time untangling them when they get hooked on something.

There seem to be more yellow hangers in this nest than in the park nests. I don't know whether this is because the dry cleaners around here use more yellow hangers, or because the crows have different tastes in home design.


Radioactive Jam said...

What did crows do before this current heady period of hanger abundance? What will they do when dry cleaners start using some kind of biodegradeable hanger that dissolves in water?

YC said...

Your earlier pictures of crows' nests made of colourful hangers inspired me to leave a number of wire hangers in my garden. So far the house crows around have yet to pick them up. Singapore crows use pieces of plastic and wire but need to learn from Japanese crows how to make nests from hangers. We need to invite a few Japanese crows over to teach ours...