Friday, May 04, 2007

Please be patient

You may have noticed (and then again you might not have) that I am in the process of switching completely to the new Blogger template (as opposed to Classic), and making a terrible mess of things.

I have changed the header (but I'm not sure about the new one, yet - what do you think?) and will gradually add all the other things that got lost when I did the switch. I keep thinking there must be an easier way, but since I haven't found it, I'm doing it the slow way.

Excuse the mess. Things will be back to normal very soon. Quite soon.



StyleyGeek said...

I love the new header! (The text of "present simple" is a bit hard to make out, but maybe that's deliberate? Fading into the water, symbolism, and all that?)

Badaunt said...

I'm still not 100% about the text on the header. I played with it for ages, and ... well, is it TOO fuzzy/blurry? I can make it clearer. I'm just not sure whether I should.

I'm also a little concerned about the proportions of the columns. But I think I'll leave it until tomorrow, and have a fresh look at it. (Besides, I'd have to figure out how to change them.)

Badaunt said...

OK, now the text is darker, and the picture lighter. (And it has been through half a dozen incarnations inbetween as well.)

I'll see how I feel about it in the morning...

kenju said...

I like the picture, but I think that the lettering is not clear enough. It may be that type of font.

Nils said...

Hehe, what a coincidence, I just changed the theme of my blog last week... must be the spring spirit :D
I agree, the text could be a bit more readable (perhaps add an outline or make the drop shadow stronger?)
Columns are fine the way they are, smaller sizes for either of them would lead to too many line breaks, i think.

Badaunt said...

I have changed the text AGAIN.

It's about the 20th time, and I am no longer capable of judging. Help!

Keera Ann Fox said...

I get stuck on stuff like that, too, but unfortunately, I have to be another one who doesn't think the lettering stands out enough. And it could simply be the italic serif font against the wavy water. Too many curvy lines competing. For a header, you can always go with a typeface/font that's different from what you use in the blog itself. Or perhaps just try in unitalicized. Another suggestion is to add a white outline to the text. A thin one should do it. Or, move the text up towards the top of the picture, where the background is calmer.

Uhm, this got long; I'm a graphics designer by trade. :-) (And if you want me to muck around for you, send me the photo with no text.)

All that said, I like the header.

Kay said...

"soonish" is good, and I like the header as is......this blog gets classier and classier!!!