Saturday, May 05, 2007

What are you doing to my babies?

Yes, babies. There are two, at least. The mother had gone off somewhere and I took the opportunity to quickly try for some photos, holding back the rosemary and trying to focus with one hand.

It didn't work. It's just too dark under there. I got several photos that are so blurry you can't even tell they are kittens. But there were two, sleeping peacefully top-to-tail with their noses in each others bottoms. One is ginger and white and the other is dark grey and white.

And then mother came back, and looked so anxious I felt guilty. (Not guilty enough to not take a picture, though.) I left some food, by way of apology.

She accepted the food, but I'm not too sure about the apology.


kenju said...

LOVE that photo! Maybe she will eventually warm up to you and let you see her babies. That pic is precious!

Wiccachicky said...

That's the best one of her yet -- 2 babies huh? How exciting. My partner and I had some turtle doves take up nesting in a plant of ours and watched them raise two little babies. It was so much fun!

Radioactive Jam said...

So that's Mia, eh? She looks like a pretty kitty.

Though I'm a little surprised she's not colored jet black, and she doesn't seem to have glowing red eyes.

Badaunt said...

She's a lovely-looking little cat. This is the best picture I've managed to get of her because it's the first time I've seen her for any length of time out from under the rosemary bush. She wanted to get back in, but I was a bit too close, so she was watching me from down the side of the house.

I'm hoping that the bribes of food will make her a little less nervous, but so far she has shown no signs of relaxing her vigilance.

Kay said...

omigosh, a new header photo.....oh I long to get these skills...the photo-taking one and the header one. Good on you Badaunt!

Badaunt said...

Kay: The photo is not a great one - taken in fading light, it was really dark and not very well focused. I had to fool around a bit to make it acceptable, but mainly it's the BIRD that's good, not the photo!

To prepare a photo for the header, resize the photo to your header size (you can see that in the template somewhere - mine is 660 pixels across, so I made it 650 to leave a little inside the box) and then just upload it in page elements. You can either have it with the title separately, or add the title youself and select 'instead of' in the upload box.

Cheryl who forgot to sign in to blogger - DOH! said...

I feel so sorry for her - the way you describe her she doesnt seem to be remotely feral, more like a dispossessed house cat.

Over here we can call the RSPCA or Cats Protection League who would take them in and care for them, then neuter the lot before rehousing.

Keera Ann Fox said...

Oh, dear, now you've done it. An unwed, single and homeless mother, and her newborns, and no visible means of support. You'd better cough up a happy ending to this! :-)

Badaunt said...

I didn't do it! She just turned up, and took over the rosemary bush.

There is one possible happy ending, but it depends on me being able to tame her (and the kittens) at least a little.

But she shows no signs of unbending so far. I feed her; she growls menacingly. These things take time.