Saturday, May 12, 2007

Crow brains

I have been rather puzzled about how crows are able to manipulate multiple wire hangers into just the right position while I have trouble when only two hangers get entangled with each other.

Now all is explained. It is entirely possible that crow cerebrums are bigger than mine.


Keera Ann Fox said...

Ah, I was wondering that, too. I watched the magpies weave their nest in the birch in front of my building. Magpie nests are storm-resistant structures with a floor, a roof and sides, and it amazed me how they know to get every twig in the just the right place.

kenju said...

I have been thinking about that off and on ever since you first posted the photo of the nests with lots of hangers in them. But it still doesn't answer the question of where they get the hangers from??