Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Here, have some nothing

Now and again I find something small I think I might post to my blog but don't have time right then so I shove it into a folder for later. Then ... well, then I forget that it's there.

I decided to clear out some of that folder today. Most of it went into the trash, but here are three things for your amusement.

The first one is probably a year old, although I'm not really sure. I can't remember. It was something I found on GoogleNews, and was evidently written by someone who has a shaky understanding of the metric system. This makes it a little odd that it turned up in an Australian newspaper. I guess they grabbed it off a feed and didn't check it carefully first.

Either that, or Kylie Minogue is a lot skinnier than I thought.

This second one is a phrase that I came across somewhere, I can't remember where, a few months ago. I'm not quite sure why changing a y to an i made it seem so painful, but it did. Is it just me? If it is, I don't think I want to know:

we analized our financial situation

The third thing is a spam message I received recently. I did not actually open the message. There didn't seem to be much point. I kept the subject line, though:

You have received the gift of nothing

This made me inexplicably happy. It is true that I already have plenty of nothing, but if it is also true that it is the thought that counts, then a gift of nothing is better than no gift at all.


Lia said...

1. Who's Kylie Minogue? I guess she's wasted away by now.

2. Yes, it bothers me. And I'm American enough to be okay with lots of word-butchery.

3. Truth is comforting. Also, it's good to recognize that sometimes nothing can be a gift.

Nils said...

Hey, maybe they were talking about packaged nothing.
I think I saw that on either digg.com or cnet's crave blog
Funny how the streams of input I observe overlap... but this is not the time for meta-thoughts :D

Badaunt said...

1. I think she eventually vanished.
2. Oh, good. It's not just me.
3. Yes. I think ALL spam mail should have that subject line, in the interests of honest advertising.

Nils: There seems to be a lot of nothing around the place these days. Isn't it lovely?

The Editter said...

My goodness you wrote a lot while I was in Australia!

I had a Policy Analyst colleague whose new business card came back from the printers with her title proudly proclaiming her as a Policy Analcyst.

Definitely painful.