Monday, May 21, 2007


Today I visited the little park to see whether I could get a picture of the crow babies in the wire hanger nest. I tried last week, too, but at that time the parent crows were hanging around and were a bit too close. Actually I got the feeling that they were watching me then, but there was only one old man in the park and for all I knew they were watching both of us. They followed me down the street when I left, flying overhead and shouting something. But I just thought they were off to hunt for more food. The babies sound pretty demanding.

Today I sat under the tree and one of the crows flew down to a lower branch. There were some old ladies playing croquet, and taking no notice of the commotion above their heads. I glanced up, and got shouted at by the crow. I sat there for a while pretending to watch the croquet, but the crows did not go away. Finally I decided that perhaps I had better leave and try again sometime when the parents weren't there. I could see the babies' beaks (very BIG beaks) over the edge of the nest and wanted a picture, but the way the crows shouted every time I looked up was making me nervous.

When I cycled off, the two crows followed me again. They did not come very low, but they did fly above me, zigzagging up at roof height as if to make sure I was really leaving. When I was a couple of blocks away they stopped on a rooftop and watched me for a while. I looked back over my shoulder and got shouted at again.

If it only happened once I would call it a coincidence, but this time the crows only came down lower when I was there, and other people cycled past while I was sitting in the park who were not watched or followed. The birds remember me, and I do not think this is a good thing. They do not seem to think I am a very big threat, at least yet. They did not come low enough for me to feel that I was in real danger. But I am not taking any risks.

No baby crow photos for now, at least. I have been spotted.


kenju said...

Uh-oh, that can't be good! Wear a disguise the next time you go there!