Sunday, July 31, 2005

Run like hell

You've got to love the pedestrian crossing lights in KL. There's the little green man, walking, and you think you can cross, and then suddenly the little green man starts running like hell.

What sadist dreamed that one up, I wonder? I mean, really, if you have any sense you're running like hell anyway, and never mind the little green man. You could grow old waiting for him.


I have with me two watches and one alarm clock. Just now, after I got back to my hotel room, they all told me completely different times, and I had no idea which one was right. I asked someone in the lift going down to the lobby, and discovered it was past nine o'clock. I thought it was around seven! No wonder I'm hungry.

And that is why this is a short one, and I'm off to eat. I'll respond to comments next time.

Tomorrow... LONDON!


Cheryl said...

Heres to a good flight!

Ms Mac said...

Travel safely!

BerlinBear said...

Have a great flight! Hope it goes well.

Andaloo said...

Is it true that the green men in London wear bowler hats?

carrie said...

cool. seems like you have a good sense of humor at least.... but, you probably have to in order to survive.

The Village Idiot said...

Your writing is so awesome...

"and then suddenly the little green man starts running like hell."

well done,
the idiot