Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The book quiz

Via Natalie at Philobiblion: The book quiz.

You're Catch-22!

by Joseph Heller

Incredibly witty and funny, you have a taste for irony in all that you see. It seems that life has put you in perpetually untenable situations, and your sense of humor is all that gets you through them. These experiences have also made you an ardent pacifist, though you present your message with tongue sewn into cheek. You could coin a phrase that replaces the word "paradox" for millions of people.

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I have some questions, though. If my life is a series of perpetually untenable situations, does that mean that each situation never resolves? Do they overlap, so that I have a growing number of situations, all untenable, none of which will end? Will I become more and more confused and ironic? Can't I just be sarcastic? I'm not very good at irony. It's too hard. Do I have no happy future to look forward to? Will sewing my tongue into my cheek hurt, do you think? Won't it make me talk funny? Also, I don't know how to coin a phrase, and I'm not feeling very funny or witty, and anyway if I only have a dozen or so readers how can I coin a phrase that is taken up by millions of people? Does this mean I am failing my life? And last but most importantly, can I be an ardent pacifist and still want to bang heads together?

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Paula said...

The Sound and the Fury. "Strong-willed but deeply confused, you are trying to come to grips with a major crisis in your life. You can see many different perspectives on the issue, but you're mostly overwhelmed with despair at what you've lost. People often have a hard time understanding you, but they have some vague sense that you must be brilliant anyway. Ultimately, you signify nothing."

It's all true, 'cept maybe the peeps thinking I'm brilliant part. A few perceptive ones do, but most think I'm a silly airhead cuz that's my cover for the pain.

Mary said...

Well, the coriander mystery hasn't been resolved, right?

If you had to be a book, this is a cool book to be....

Lippy said...

I'm hopelessly addicted to internet quizzes. I am:

Les Miserables
"One of the best known people in your community, you have become something of a phenomenon. People have sung about you, danced in your honor, created all manner of art in your name. And yet your story is one of failure and despair, with a few
brief exceptions. A hopeless romantic, you'll never stop hoping that more good will come from your failings than is ever possible. Beware detectives and prison guards bearing vendettas."

I shall carry on failing and despairing until the prison guards catch up with me. Damn pitbulls...

Ms Mac said...

I am apparently The Guns Of August and not only am I obsessed with war but also live in the past.

I was really hoping for something more along the lines of Sophie Kinsella or Marian Keyes, I'm pretty sure I'm more chick-lit than war story!