Tuesday, July 26, 2005

More weather

I just watched the weather forecast on TV, and switched over to the English version. The woman was interpreting simultaneously, something I always enjoy. She was pretty good.

There is a typhoon on the way. It is not a very powerful typhoon, but it looks like it is going to make landfall in the Kanto area (Tokyo), which makes it big news. It is bringing large quantities of rain as well as wind, and the weatherman gave some advice about putting up shutters, bringing pot plants inside, preparing emergency supplies, and knowing where to escape to if flooding occurs. The translator then added,

"The Meteorological Agency has warned the public to watch out for weather."

Watch out for weather? I thought.

I waited. (Duck! Here comes some weather!)

"Updates," she added, after a long pause.

In this area we have been told to expect 300 - 350 mm of rain by tomorrow night.

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librarianguish said...

Ahem. You do mean "potted" plants, right? Or did they say it wrong on the weather forecast?

Stay cozy!

Cheryl said...

A foot of rain? Wow. If that doesnt clean the air and drop the temperature, then I don't know what.
At least it'll only be noise trying to keep you awake tonight instead of feeling like you're in a pressure cooker, fingers crossed.

Cheryl said...

Nah we call them pot plants - plants in pots. The other stuff is called cannabis, particularly by impeccably spoken TV people :-)

doris said...

That's a lot of rain! And watch out for all those weather updates being hurled too.

Badaunt said...

The weather forecasts were wrong, unfortunately. The rain didn't happen around here, and it doesn't look like it will, either. As far as wind goes, we're getting tiny little gusts now and again. This typhoon seems to have bypassed our area almost completely - except for the humidity, which is WAY UP THERE.

The temperature is down a little - 30 instead of 34 or so. It's not helping much.

If anything gets hurled around here, it will be at the weatherman. Everything feels soggy, and it's not even raining. Bleh.

Gordon said...

Blimey - that would've been a lot of rain...

I think "Bleh" probably sums it all up nicely.