Saturday, July 30, 2005

The Great Big Present

I'm feeling a little dislocated, and this is because I am. Just now I stepped out of my hotel and tried to cross the road. I made it to the traffic island, and ten minutes later I was still there as traffic whizzed around me. I finally made it over to my favourite restaurant, and accidentally took the table of a couple of guys who'd just gone to order. They came back, I apologized, and they told me I could stay. We chatted. They told me they were Liberians, and I thought they were talking about their star signs at first. I'd never met Liberians before, and they were very nice. I had teh tarik but nothing to eat because I wasn't hungry.

The hotel is the same as before except that it changed its name, and the numbers (and everything else) have worn off the remote control for the TV. You have to guess. But that's OK. I'm not here to watch TV.

The flight did NOT stop in Bangkok. My travel agent made a mistake. It stopped in KK, the same as it usually does. Five and a bit hours to there, an hour and a half in transit, then another two and a bit to here.

I'm here for three days, and then another flight, the one I'm dreading. Twelve or thirteen hours on a plane. That is the flight I got the pills for. My friendly doctor gave me a good supply, and I intend to use them. I will fly in more ways than one.

It is very dark in here, and I'm having trouble with the keyboard. More tomorrow, I hope - perhaps I'll be coherent by then.

I wonder if The Man is missing me yet? I wonder if I'll ever figure out how to post pictures from the road? I already have a couple of good ones.


BerlinBear said...

So, I've followed you across from tBlog, and will come here from now on too. Gosh, you're so mysterious about this one. Am I right in guessing you must be heading home? (Couldn't resist the pull of an election campaign eh? Haha!) But where is KK? Or is it KL, with a little trouble with the keyboard thrown in? And even if it is KL, is that really 5 hours flight from Japan? And if so, where are you now then? No that can't be it. You must be going home via Africa? No? I'm so confused. More details please.

Lynnylchan said...

So are you in KK as in Kota Kinabalu? That place is pretty. Or are you in KL (which would make sense since most intl flights are from there)?

Teh Tarik!!!! But personally I prefer Iced Milo. No one makes it like the mamak stalls do.

fallensnow said...

I'm so excited for you!! I wish I could go on a trip on my own too, hehe.
How long would your holiday be?

Robert said...

If you DO figure out how to post pictures from the road, let us know. I'm thinking for my bike tour next year I can take a card reader and load them to Flickr when I find an Internet Cafe along the way, but I'm not sure. I know I just don't want to have to haul the laptop along, unless we have a support vehicle, of course.

Anonymous said...

be safe!
-Lisa (childish)

Carrie said...

I don't know where you are going or what you are doing, but I hope you are having fun and not missing The Man too much!

Pkchukiss said...

I wasn't anticipating you would take off suddenly, you didn't give us any warning.

Anyway, wherever you happen to be headed, bon voyage!

I am headed to Taiwan in a few weeks time for the culmulation of my national service. It is a 3 hour flight from Singapore, which puts your 5 hour flight destination in the league of this region.

Did you land in KLIA?

My mom makes sure to travel back to Malaysia to see my grandmother every year, but I don't see my father missing her much whenever she makes her annual trip.

Maybe Singapore is too close to Malaysia?

Andaloo said...

Ohhh how exciting!

You didn't introduce yourself to the two guys by saying you were a pisces did you? Have lots of fun, and stop worrying about step two'll be a doddle.

melinama said...

Were you so mysterious about this trip in order to provoke great comment? Success! We will wait impatiently for more.

Badaunt said...

Transit was Kota Kinabalu - it is Kota Kinabalu INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT these days! Didn't you know? But the code the travel agents use is something odd like BKI, and I think my travel agent mixed it up with Bangkok, because she DEFINITELY told me Bangkok.

I did land up at KLIA. I hate most airports, but that is one of the less unpleasant ones.

Robert, I think a card reader would do, or even just the USB cord you use to connect the camera to the computer. That's what they used here to make the CD, because my camera is an Olympus and uses an XD card.

I wasn't TRYING to be mysterious at first - I just didn't think it would actually happen. I planned this trip two years running, and backed out both times for various reasons. Third time lucky, eh?

Anonymous said...

From Kay, still in the basement--yes, I have followed your magical tour with relish......someone, maybe me, should use your blog to tell the world How It Is blog the world and make it much fun!!!!