Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Air conditioner wars

The air conditioner wars have started in earnest. I have been threatening to leave The Man on the grounds that he is a lizard.

"You're a lizard," I tell him.

"Air conditioning is unhealthy," he says. "You just haven't adjusted yet."

"So is prickly heat unhealthy," I reply. "You'll miss me when I'm gone."

Also, there are too many cicadas this year, and they are too loud. One got its feet stuck in the mosquito net over the window this morning. It made horrible angry noises and woke me up far too early.

Usually we get two or three big fat noisy cicadas in the garden. This year we have dozens. Where did they come from? Is this a plague?

The coriander powder is still missing.

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doris said...

Cicadas! We had them in Australia - very loud!!! I hope you get a bit of comfort soon :-)

Ms Vile File said...

Get to the bottom of this coriander business at once! The mystery is getting to me!

Norma said...

You've been tagged.