Saturday, July 02, 2005

Wasp waist

I do not have a lot to say tonight. I'm tired, and the most interesting thing to happen all day was that while I was having dinner with a colleague we spent a lot of time being astonished at the waiter's tiny waist. And yes, I said waiter, not waitress. We sat there ogling him enviously every time he went by. He was wearing an apron tied around the middle, and it was impossible not to stare.

I have never seen such a small waist on a man. From front on it was tiny, and when he stood sideways he practically disappeared in the middle. I would have to remove a few internal organs to achieve a waist like that, and wear a heavily wired corset.

It's not fair. Such a tiny waist looks weird on a man, but it would look fabulous on me.

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Kim said...

UGH! I HATE that.

Paula said...

And it's way unfair when guys have thick gorgeous eyelashes!

Anonymous said...

There was a guy in college with me who had some kind of bone disease...his legs were as thin as my forearms. He was also over 6' tall, so he REALLY looked skinny!

Cheryl said...

Ooh no, I'd sooner have my ribs end as near as possible to my hip bone - dont like the idea of all those internal organs flailing in space in front of nothing but a tomato-cane spine. Oooh alien!