Thursday, July 14, 2005

Not impressed

No blog tonight, I thought. Someone seems to have hung bricks from my eyelids. Just a quick shower and that's it. I'm going to bed.

But now I want to know what the HELL that giant earwig was doing in the bathroom. I'm suddenly awake after all, especially after also spotting a tiny baby earwig. I'm fairly sure earwigs are not produced one at a time. How many more are there waiting for the next unsuspecting bare foot? And what's the attraction of our bathroom anyway? Why do these things keep coming in?

Both earwigs were dispatched using dishwashing detergent, kept in the bathroom for cockroach emergencies. (Yes, we get the occasional cockroach as well.) Dishwashing detergent works well on cockroaches, and now I know it works for earwigs as well.

I suppose I should be grateful it wasn't a leech. Last summer it was long skinny pale leeches coming up the plughole, looking like anemic earthworms with suckers on the end.

Summer in Japan is like plague season. Things that are supposed to be outside keep trying to move in. I don't like it.

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guest said...

Ohhh gross! That is one aspect of living in the Dakota Territory that I do really appreciate: No cock roaches and few nasty looking beetle bugs. (we do get our share of mosquitoes though).

Paula said...

Yuck! I hate bugs, 'cept spiders. Well, not fat hairy spiders--those are scary. Regular spiders are okay.

Anonymous said...

Earwigs have a way of just getting into everything. One summer when I was a teenager I was trying to make a recipe for homemade pudding pops (frozen pudding). I bit into it and when I looked at the spoon it appeared that I had eaten half an earwig. I still get grossed out by that. But the leeches. . . ewww. . that's way worse.


doris said...

That sounds creepy. Do you get slugs? Before we re-did our bathroom, late one night I went in there and there were 2 huge slugs: mum and dad? and 7 little slugs. I freaked. We don't get them anymore now that part of the house has had its floor relaid.

But worst of all are cockroaches which hot countries usually specialise in. We don't have them :-)

Heidi Bloom said...

I'll trade you the earwig in the bathroom for the centipede I found in the kitchen yesterday. The only insect I can't stand is the centipede.

Badaunt said...

Kilroy: We get mosquitoes, too. That's why I like spiders, even the big ones, Paula - although I prefer to meet those ones with some warning. (They're a bit too big to have them suddenly shoot up the wall beside your desk. It's a good thing I don't have a weak heart.)

Carrie: Protein!


Doris: Oh, yeah, SLUGS. I've only seen them in the bathroom once or twice, but now and again they take refuge in the letterbox. This can be rather tiresome when you come home at night and see there is something in the letterbox but can't see it very clearly. Pick up the bill (usually) and your thumb comes down hard on the slug which is apparently trying to read the address. (It adds a thrill to the bill, you could say.)

Heidi: We get centipedes, too. We don't get them too much around my area (not enough greenery) but a friend regularly gets them in her house, and one time woke up with one in her hair... which led to a quick middle-of-the-night hospital visit.

We do, however, get kemushi ('hairy caterpillars') in our tree. You do not want to be underneath when one of those loses its grip and drops on you. For something that looks so cute and fuzzy they leave one hell of a welt.

doris said...

Urgh - how awful. That's worse to come into hand contact with slugs.