Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Trophy hunters

Rose has photographic evidence that there are parts of NZ that don't quite live up to its reputation as a safe tourist destination. I thought we'd kept our less delightful customs well hidden from the rest of the world, but some Kiwis are obviously becoming more brash about their nasty little habits and are even putting up warning signs.

Or perhaps someone felt they should give the tourists a sporting chance.


Jatser said... is to laugh.

Pretty clever if you ask me.

E.P. said...

Reminds me of the deer sign we have out on rural Highway 52 West: some wag put a giant round red sticker right on the tip of the deer's nose----->"Warning: Rudolph crossing!" :)

Lippy said...

I just hope the tourists don't find out the truth about us until it's too late - we need them for the stewpot... ;-)