Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Specific time

People who use this 'Pacific time' nonsense are really annoying me. The Pacific is a large ocean. New Zealand is in the Pacific. So is Japan. So are a lot of other countries. There is more Pacific out there than just the bit next to the US. Why do people use US-centric time expressions when they're writing for an international readership? Do they think nobody uses the Internet outside the US?

I would really appreciate time information I can look up on a standard international time zone converter.

Bloglines was down until 10pm Pacific time the other day. Yes, I know looking it up is easy, but it annoyed me that I had to look it up twice, once to find out what Pacific time was, and then again to find out what time that was in Japan. (Normally I love Bloglines. Only sometimes they got up my nose.) I'd almost recovered from that irritation when Blogger announced today that there would be a 20 minute downtime tomorrow at 4pm (Pacific Time). Is that Wednesday or Thursday? Buggered if I know.


Paula said...


Megan said...

Don't you know that we Californians rule the world, therefore everything revolves around us? ;)

Now I can't help but think if I've made any reference to anything like this on my blog!

Ryan said...

I live in Zealand and am getting sick of you "NEW ZEALANDERS" thinking it's all about you!!!

Just kidding! Most Americans have no clue there is another Time Zone other than the one they are in, much less computing time relative to GMT or something like that. As someone in the Central Time zone (GMT -6), I hate Pacific Time zone people also...