Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Today when The Man were out on our bicycles we stopped at a little temporary shop selling socks. There I found the perfect presents. Socks! I bought about ten pairs, which will be sprinkled liberally amongst nieces, nephews, and friends' kids.

"Made in Japan!" the man told us, but I'd already spotted that. I have never seen anybody's name spelt Jhon anywhere else. My students do this all the time. They know there is a meaningless 'h' in John somewhere, and there are two places it could go. Naturally, they always choose the wrong place.

The word on the pair on the left, however, is spelt perfectly (if you are American). I'm not quite sure which lucky child is going to get those ones. Should I give those to the child who annoys me the most, or to the one who annoys me the least?

It's a tricky one, that.


kenju said...

Oh, Lord! What perfect examples of Engrish! I think the socks on the left should be given to the one who annoys you the most....LOL....unless the one you like the best would really wear them.