Saturday, February 09, 2008


Usually I like to complain about the weather, but recently I've been restraining myself. That's because the weather has been unusually boring. It has been cold and grey with occasional drizzle.

"How come we never get snow anymore?" I moan fretfully. "If it's going to be cold, at least it could be pretty as well!"

Today I got my wish. Here is what Yahoo weather told us to expect today, and what they are still telling us: sleet until midday, rain until six, and cloudy thereafter:

And here are some pictures I took at a little park near here, which I took on my way back from the doctor this afternoon. My pictures are all cliches. That is what happens when you are trying to take pictures of snow while it is still snowing, and you don't really know what you're doing.

It has been snowing heavily since morning, and is still snowing, great big fluffy flakes. I have never seen it snow so much around here in all the years I have been here. When it snows, which is rarely, usually it snows overnight and melts away by midmorning, but today it has been snowing ALL DAY.

The Man is complaining. He hates cold weather. He is refusing to even go out, the boring old fart. "The road's all mushy!" he grizzles. "My feet will get wet!"

But I think it's lovely. Who cares about wet feet? In any case, on a bicycle your feet don't get wet. Not very wet, anyway.

I'm going out again soon, by myself. I think it's lovely out there.


Maria said...

I am sooooo mad that I wasn't able to go out today and enjoy the snow, as I was sick as a dog this morning (but feeling better now!). I keep my curtains closed at night to keep the light from the building across from me out - so surprised when I saw the snow this morning! I am hoping I am well enough by the morning (and if I am not, oh well) to take the bus over to Kinkakuji tomorrow - I have always wanted a photo of it in the snow, and now I am thinking this is my chance!

Badaunt said...

Hurry up! Here, at least, it has stopped, and there is only the depressing sound of water dripping.

Roofs (rooves?) are still snowy, though. Let's hope it's not too sunny tomorrow.

kenju said...

It looks beautiful - but I wouldn't want to be out in it either!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

We finally got snow as well! Lovely white powdery stuff that made the cold feel worthwile for a day at least. Hubby and I went out and played in it like little kids, enjoyed getting all wet knowing that a warm shower wasn't too far away.