Saturday, February 02, 2008


Today I went into Osaka to meet some friends for dinner. This is not one of my friends. This is a mannequin I noticed outside a shop somewhere in Shinsaibashi.

I took my little old camera, because sometimes I want to carry a camera that will fit in my pocket. It does not take great pictures, but then my newer camera isn't really all that much better. Sometimes it doesn't really matter, as long as the subject matter is interesting. I am not a photographer. I take snapshots.

One day I would like a good camera, though. Before meeting my friends I popped into this shop, and played with a camera I would buy if I could convince myself that it would not be wasted on me.

I took this picture without using a flash, on my way back, by resting my little camera on the rail of an overhead pedestrian crossing. The crossing bounced up and down as pedestrians walked along it. I had never stopped long enough to notice that before, and it wasn't a very nice feeling.


kenju said...

Those pics are not bad at all.

Anonymous said...

In cold, vaporous Venice the other day I was trying to take similar pics of masks & mannequins - the images which haunt the visitor - and camera shake plagued many of the shots. These here are excellent for hand-held nighttime photographs!

bikerider said...

What camera did you play with in Digital heaven / hell?Their choice can be overwhelming.

Badaunt said...

This one. The Olympus E510.

It feels lovely, isn't TOO big, and gets good reviews.