Friday, February 22, 2008


I have lost a glove! One of the only good pair of gloves I have ever owned, which were given to me by a dear friend and I know were very expensive. They are (or, rather, it is, now) soft, buttery leather, lined with cashmere, and wonderfully warm. I LOVE THOSE GLOVES.

I am going nuts looking for it, but I suspect I must have dropped it on a train yesterday. Or at the flea market. Or in a coffee shop when we were coming home. I didn't need to wear them yesterday because it was unexpectedly warm.

I can't go back and look for them because I am leaving soon. I will not need gloves in New Zealand. It is summer there now. But I WANT TO FIND MY GLOVE.

(This blog post was brought to you by an attack of classic displacement activity. I have not finished packing.)


Anonymous said...

You _can_ go back & look (phone JR Lost Property, but give the flee market up). The glove exists, it's valuable at many levels, it's waiting patiently for you.

If it joins those other lost things in that awful place, you'll have tried, and have a much better trip.

An if you find it (you probably will) you can put it in its drawer with its mate - ah happiness!

Badaunt said...


The balance of the universe has been restored!

(How did it end up in a bag I wasn't even USING yesterday?)

Anonymous said...

Omedeto! great!

The other bag? - gloves walk (five legged!)

Its mate will reprove it - then forgive it.

Have a safe flight !!