Friday, February 22, 2008

Flea market

It was flea market day today, at Shi-Tennoji in Osaka. The weather was gorgeous, and the turtles seemed to be enjoying the sun.

I thought this warrior was rather graceful, despite his lack of hands.

These two have been placed in a beer crate, probably for misbehaving.

Somebody had spun the prayer wheel at the gate, but I didn't see who. It just kept spinning. I suppose it must be a very well-oiled prayer wheel. (Or maybe it has batteries?)

I haven't finished going through my photos yet but it's past bedtime, so that's all for now.


Roy said...

It'd be just my luck I'd get an old, rusty prayer wheel that squeeked and did about a quarter-turn before grinding to a shuddering halt.

kenju said...

I love the turtles all piled together. It reminds me of the seals on the docks in San Francisco.