Friday, February 08, 2008

Don't make me laugh

Well, the operation is over, and apparently I have turned into a ridiculously grown-up and mature person, because even though there were TWO needles involved I did not pass out, throw up, or make a fuss.

Actually, when someone is holding a laser and various sharp pointy things near your face, you do not make a fuss. And it is hard to pass out when you are already lying down. Also, when there is a cover over your face so you can't see anyway, it is hard to get upset, particularly when you can't feel anything happening.

The Man had told the doctor about my ladylike squeamishness (he may have used the word 'wimp' in there somewhere), so the doctor was well prepared. He started off by hooking me up to a drip, just in case he'd need to administer something. Or perhaps it was in case he made a terrible mistake and would need to quickly euthanize me. I'm not entirely sure, and didn't like to ask. Then the face cover went on, and the injection to numb the area was administered, and I closed my eyes and thought about my new camera, WHICH I BOUGHT YESTERDAY.

At one point, apparently I twitched. The doctor asked,

"Itai, desu ka?" (Did that hurt?)

"Itakunai," (no) I answered, bravely. I didn't know he'd started. Actually, I found out later, he had already half finished.

The mole is being sent off for a biopsy. The doctor thinks it was quite likely fine, but wants to check. I'm just glad to have it gone. It used to itch sometimes, and worry me. It was not a prominent mole, however. When I told my friends I was having it removed, the universal response was, "What mole? Oh. I hadn't noticed that before."

I now have a bandage between my eyebrows and look like someone who has banged her head on the desk a few times too often. Also, I am finding out that when I talk I wiggle my eyebrows a lot and it pulls at the dressing, and when I laugh it pulls at the dressing, and when I am surprised it pulls at the dressing, and when I frown, and so on. I had no idea the bit between my eyebrows was such an busy part of my face.

I have resolved that for the next few days I will be serene and calm, and not use the space between my eyebrows at all. This means that you are not allowed to say or write anything funny, worrying, interesting, or surprising anywhere that I might encounter it.

Until next Wednesday, when the stitches come out, this is a boring zone.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear it went well and you didn't have to pass out or cry or anything. I have one on my face I want to get off just because it's ugly, but have been putting off.

Is school still in session? Do you have to go to work with the bandage? It will be interesting to see the student reactions.

Badaunt said...

Last classes were on Monday, which is why I scheduled the procedure for Friday. I wasn't so worried about how it would look, more about having time for the followup, because I wasn't sure how much there would be.

I'm rather glad I'm not teaching like this, though. I look a wee bit freaky.

It would be kind of nice if the lack of mole would make me look nicer, but I suspect nobody will notice unless there's a scar. It was a weirdly transparent sort of mole. Well, not transparent, exactly, but not dark. Nobody seemed to notice it.

Paula said...

Yay, you did it!! And a new camera? Woo hoo!

I think you'll be safe enough reading my post today. :)

Keera Ann Fox said...

You need botox. ;-)

kenju said...

Keera Ann beat me to it. I was going to say you need some botox between the brows - and they'll never move! Hope it heals quickly!

Lia said...

I'm still stuck at the fact that the Japanese word for "no" is four (five?) syllables.

But I hope by now you're doing better.

Badaunt said...

Miz UV: Now all I have to do is figure out how to USE the camera. I've got a lot of reading to do.

Keera & Kenju: I thought of that too, afterwards. I should have asked! But actually the little plaster on there now doesn't pull, so it was only one day anyway.

Lia: Itakunai actually means, "It doesn't hurt," rather than "no." It's more common to use the negative than to say no. So it's not THAT difficult, really.