Sunday, February 17, 2008

More Nara pictures

Persimmon trees are amazingly gnarly.

This very neglected tree was still producing persimmons.

This particular tree is not one I would like to walk past in the dark. It was scary enough in the daylight.

When you walk alongside bamboo like this, and it's windy, the bamboo clanks. It feels like a bunch of invisible people are walking alongside you, playing castanets.

This helpful sign shows children the correct way to leap into the water.

We did not break any rules. We left our certain hunting equipment at home.


kenju said...

I love the gnarly trees and bamboo. I saw giant bamboo in Hawaii, but I didn't hear it clank.

lina said...

first time I saw a persimmon tree!

I wonder why they didn't just mention "Gun is prohibited" instead of that long winded sign