Monday, February 07, 2005

Vacuum cleaner

Climate change due to greenhouse gases is going to destroy the world as we know it.

Greenhouse gases could breathe life into Mars.

Is anybody else thinking what I'm thinking?


Euian said...

Brilliant idea. Now how are you gonna efficienly transport the gases to mars?

Badaunt said...

See the new, improved picture for the answer to that. :-)

tinyhands said...

Scientists have been working on this for years, but now all we need is an extension cord long enough and someone to change the dustbag. Send your extension cords to:
Great big vacuum cleaner thingy
c/o NASA
Kennedy Space Center, FL, USA

birdwoman said...

oooh, ooh! You ought to call that number on TV now, so you can patent this idea! Otherwise, you'll be like the lady who wanted to make a pasta cooker that let you drain, too, or the guy who thought you should be able to turn on the lights with a clap of his hands. Both so disappointed as others raked in the dough on their idears...


Benjamin Solah said...

I saw this, it's going to take a while before there's any practical developments but it looks neat