Monday, February 14, 2005

My fellow bloggers, forgive me. I couldn't help it.

(Note to my regular readers: This blog entry is not written by Badaunt. She is never this mean. It was written by Badaunt's evil twin, who steals other people's words.)

Yeah this is my firts post. I'm writting this especialy to bring you all upto date.

In terms of me, I am having a definate idenity crisis. I mean definately. As a descent human being I am actively unaware of what's happening around me.

But just because so I don't do it for nothing, I've been pouring over my books and trying to define providence on my labtop computer. (First I had to get the lab out from under, though. You never know when he might hickup.)

While I was working on this, I found the mother-load of resources and gave it two thumps up. And just encase you didn't know, the cat shit somthing awful in the liter box. He can do whatever he wants so he can just do it, and that should be obvious to all but the most hard headed idealist. This leads to the bigger question though, where does this type of animas come? (The defination is non existant.)

But I haven't told you about me. I have a 36 inch waste. Afterall, I live near a dessert. So I need to get a bigger pear of jeans. But you guys are the adders and abettors, and vise-versa. I need more excersize. I should add, after the debarkle with the cake everything got a lot simplier.

Who were creator's of this idea, anyway? The citizens have given away the reigns of power. They got there due.

I've noticed that human's have a tendency to take photo's of anything interesting. Animals are very very discrete.

You know, I've been thinking ... he hasn't paid in awhile. It is dissapointing. He told me a bold faced lie, and I need to use the money as a fair. Also, I'm wondering just whom is this person whom does the hair dying. It makes me roll my eyes inside.

I'm feeling to week to go on.


Anonymous said...

one word for you - dictionary. Or another - spellcheck. One or two is a typo, but over 30 is just plain bad or lazy writing.

Andy N. said...

you HAD to have werkt on that very much hard, bc nowons cud dew that bad unintenshionalie. and um, u steeled my daughters werd.


Badaunt said...

Andy: I didn't have to work VERY hard - I've been collecting these for a while, so it was just a matter of putting them together. And your daughter is not the only person out there with a labtop computer - I found another one, too. What were the odds, eh?

(Isn't Anon's comment WONDERFUL? I am feeling properly told off.)

Erstwhile Pedagogue said...

Badaunt, ROTFL! This has GOT 2 B a spoof on so many of the blogs at this site (I mean, blogspot). Too zzzzany! BTW, is your name a pun on "Bad Aunt"? As in some sort of Japanese nickname? (I'm thinking of how in Germany, kids are often required to call a female friend of the family "Aunt X"---"X" being her name, whatever it might be.)

As 4 alter-egos, you can see mine at (she has the same accent as the current president of the U.S.).

Lotsa chuckles,


Badaunt said...

E.P. Yes, I must admit I stole everything in this entry from other bloggers. It was naughty of me, and I got reprimanded severely by Anon - who, incidentally, used bad grammar to do it. (Do I get extra points for that?)

The name Badaunt does indeed come from Bad Aunt, but has nothing to do with Japan. (Here I am Big Sister.) I have dozens of nieces and nephews and from the very beginning have been a bad aunt, not only forgetting birthdays and neglecting them at Xmas but also forgetting NAMES, even. I wrote a little book about it (which started as a letter) for the children of one of my brothers, one Christmas. I'll post one of the illustrations in just a moment, so you'll see where the inspiration for the name came from. :-)

tinyhands said...

See, and I didn't even get that you were making fun of specific people. Fortunately, I didn't see a lot of extra commas in there, so it might be safe to assume that you weren't parodying me.

Badaunt said...

Tinyhands: There were no 'specific' people involved. This was a blanket smear. I parodied everybody who ever made a typo or grammar mistake - and I used their own typos and grammar mistakes to do it.

I forgot the commas though, probably because I have the same problem. Little buggers breed like cockroaches all over whatever I write, and I always have to do a comma-sweep to eliminate them before posting.