Friday, February 11, 2005

Popup comments

I've just enabled the new popup comments system on Blogger. This means that to read comments the peek-a-boo thing will still happen and you'll see them on the same page, but when you hit 'post comment' you'll get a popup window.


mquest said...

If I may ask-- What does one gain by this new system? I see no advantages other than it looks like some of the other commenting systems with out the benefits that they others have.

Badaunt said...

The advantage is that you don't get taken off the page you're reading, so you don't need to reload the page if you want to read more. For people with slow connections this is definitely a good thing.

What are the benefits the other systems have? (I'm sure there must be some, but I haven't tried them so don't know.)

mquest said...

(I do not have any of the other commenting systems and also have never tried them)
Commenting systems like Heloscan SEEM to allow the blog owner such features as tracking of IP addresses. Collecting of email addresses so off Blog correspondences can happen. They allow banning certain people. They all seem to use the pop up window.

The other systems seem to point to a status of people that have graduated from Blogger. (I think Blogger has some serious issues-- But- it is simple and free and I get what I am paying for.

They also seem to be a pain to keep updated and safe from comment spammers.

Thanks for your response to my comment. You do point out some good reasons for the new service. I think the new system looks nice. I use firefox and tabbed browsing so all types of pages are loading while I am still reading. The center mouse button and tabbed browsing are the greatest invention for stemless multi task Internet surfing.

Lumbergh-in-training said...

how do i actually do this??


Badaunt said...

Go to Change Settings (from Dashboard), then Comments, and check the box that says 'Show comments in a pop-up window.'

This does not give you the peek-a-boo comments (where you can show/hide comments in the main window) which I installed earlier. I got that from here:

Susie said...

Nice, I've been so busy with my own stuff so I haven't even noticed this yet. :)