Monday, February 07, 2005

Leg blur

I am far too obliging a person. This is why I ended up today sitting in the kitchen stripped down to my underwear with one leg sticking out in front of me and balancing a kilogram bag of rice on my ankle. I was doing it for a friend.

This friend is preparing a pamphlet which gives advice about gentle exercises for elderly people. She has been asked to do the layout and sketches for the pamphlet, and needed someone to model some of the exercises. She said she'd take photos and then sketch from those.

I had to strip down to my underwear because she wanted to get the muscles right. I warned her that she was being wildly optimistic if she was expecting muscles, and I was right. I found these 'gentle exercises for elderly people' embarrassingly strenuous, and the photograph with the bag of rice, particularly, had to be taken quickly, before my leg turned into a trembling blur.

The pictures are hilarious, and you can beg all you like but I am absolutely NOT going to post them.


Anonymous said...

Hehe, so you won't be volunteering at your local college for nude figure drawings anytime soon, eh? ;^)

Figure drawing is tricky, but fun.

Atomic Bombshell said...

Ya big tease.

Megan said...

I demand pictures or I'm boycotting your site! ;) Hey, you got some exercise, though, right? See, there's a bright side to everything. LOL