Saturday, February 26, 2005

I feel sick

When I was a child I looked forward to growing up and being able to eat a WHOLE CAN of sweetened condensed milk without anybody stopping me. I loved sweetened condensed milk, and my mother would never let me do more than clean the empty can with my finger, and lick.

In Japan, sweetened condensed milk doesn't come in a can. It comes in a tube. Tonight I remembered my faraway dream and bought a tube of sweetened condensed milk. I held it over my open mouth and squeezed. Nobody stopped me.

Oh, what exquisite pleasure!

But I must say the experience was kind of disappointing in the end, because I have, boringly, managed to attain some wisdom along with age. I stopped at about a teaspoonful and ... well, maybe two teaspoonfuls. Well, it could have been three, I suppose. Definitely no more than four.

Perhaps I haven't attained quite enough wisdom. I don't feel very well.


Anonymous said...

You know, I never tried drinking condensed milk before. I cook with it a lot when I make pies, though.

She Weevil said...

My dad who was born during the war and so grew up under rationing used to like it in a sandwich and in Liverpool, where my mum is from they call it conny-onny. Makes delicious Scottish sweet called tablet which is like fudge but crumbly.

Badaunt said...

There was a kind of fudge I used to make when I was a kid, that used LOTS of sweetened condensed milk, and LOTS of Golden Syrup. And, of course, LOTS of butter. It had a crumbled biscuit base, and was divine.

Adults would have a tiny slice, congratulate me on how delicious it was, and go pale. I never understood why they didn't want more when I offered.

Can't get Golden Syrup here...