Saturday, February 26, 2005

Instructional posters

The Funky Drummer has posted a wonderful photograph of a Japanese sign that shows you how to build a snowman with a cigarette butt sticking out of its head. It even tells you how long it will take.

They're good at making instructional posters, here. Too good, sometimes. In my bank, until recently, they had big graphic posters that instructed would-be criminal types how to conduct a successful robbery of people using the ATMs. It used to make me nervous. Whenever I used a machine I was sure the guy who came in behind me was studying the little pictures and mentally rehearsing dropping a ¥10,000 note on the floor behind me, calling pleasantly and pointing, telling me I'd dropped some money, and I, like a FOOL, would bend over to pick it up and he would bop me on the head and grab my wallet. All the time I was pushing buttons and being addressed in a squeaky voice by the ATM I'd be telling myself, If someone points at some money on the floor and smiles nicely, DO NOT THANK HIM AND PICK IT UP.

But then I'd wonder, but what if it is mine...? and mentally slap myself. EVEN IF IT'S MINE, BECAUSE HE MIGHT HAVE CHECKED OUT THE POSTER AND CAN'T HELP HIMSELF.

I was glad when they took those posters down.


melinama said...

I linked to this and left you praise!

Badaunt said...

Ooh, ta!

It's one of those pictures I wish I'd taken. I wish I'd taken one of the bank poster before they took it down, but every time I thought about it I got nervous about the security cameras everywhere. What if they thought I was taking it to study at home? I'm such a wimp.

Anonymous said...

I don't use ATMs that often. I do know to take my receipt with me, because it has personal info on it. Some criminals farm the trash cans and get disgarded receipts for account information.

I love ! So many signs, and they're all so funny! ;^)