Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Tonight I had my customary Tuesday evening out with friends, and somehow the conversation got around to weird foods we have eaten. One friend confirmed that fugu testicles are disconcertingly mushy as well as tasteless, and said that even months later she sometimes involuntarily remembers and wants to barf. Another said that the worst thing she has ever eaten was very recently, and she was misled because it was given a fancy French name. It turned out to be fish semen. Once she knew it was fish semen it was perfectly obvious, but by then it was too late. She had eaten it all.

The friend who ate the fugu testicles also added that they were disconcertingly large. "Where do the fish KEEP them?" she asked. "I've had boyfriends with smaller ones that that!"

There was a long pause as we contemplated the size of the circle she was making with her forefinger and thumb, during which I became VERY glad that thought bubbles don't actually exist. I mean, who would want to eat dinner while a procession of balls was passing over the heads of the group of thoughtful-looking women at the next table?


Paula said...

That's hilarious!

"Ari" said...

What kind of a resturant serves FISH BALLS?! And, that's sick... and also consider yourself BLOGMARKED!!

Megan said...

So, did it taste like chicken? ;)

Anonymous said...

So fugu balls aren't toxic like most of the rest of the fish is? ;^)


E.P. said...

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