Sunday, January 23, 2005

Super beautiful

The Man and I went to Uniqlo again today (cheap shirts!), and while we were wandering around the store a couple of kids went running by, a very small boy and a slightly larger girl. When the boy saw me he skidded to a stop, and held out his toy kaleidoscope.

"Look at this!" he said. "It's super beautiful!"

He handed it to me, and I looked through it obligingly.

"You're right," I said, handing it back. "It is beautiful."

He nodded matter-of-factly and ran off, leaving his older sister still hiding behind a rack of sweatshirts and peering out at me with horrified fascination. When I smiled at her she looked frightened. She was old enough to know better than to approach a foreigner. What a dummy! you could see her thinking. Doesn't he know that gaijins eat small Japanese children for breakfast?