Saturday, January 29, 2005

Dear Soup


Andy N. said...

Is this a reference to "crying in ones soup"? or is this an internet cafe / soup bloggers buffet? Or have the publishers of "chicken soup for the soul" moved to Japan? ("Dear Soup, what a blessing you have been...")

I recall years ago, from when I still had access to a tv, a fellow named Soupy Sales. (and from Sales was the pseudonym of Milton Hines; As a child, Hines got the nickname "Soupbone" because his brothers were called "Hambone" and "Chickenbone" (talk about a disfunctional family! :-) Anyway, "Soupbone" was shortened to "Soupy"...But somehow, I think this is just another bit of Engrish. 'Examples of plentitude here, to pleasure you'. Check the recent discoveries... but you probably knew that already. :)

Badaunt said...

I think it's just Engrish.

I'd never heard of Soupy Sales. I guess with a name like that you either rise above it or... you don't!