Thursday, January 27, 2005

Beauty Smile Trainer

Daryl Sng has inspired me again. He's posted about Japanese devices to give you double eyelids or longer noses.

And that reminded me that I have here, in my desk drawer, a very low-tech Japanese device, designed to give you a more beautiful smile.

That's right - it's a bit of plastic.


Anonymous said...

Wow! How does it work?


tinyhands said...

Looks like they're cashing in on the phrase "smiling like you slept with a hanger in your mouth"

Badaunt said...

Instructions coming right up. (I aim to please.)

The coat hanger image is spot on.

stephen said...

Is it me or are the 'cover stars' gaijin?

Anonymous said...

uhhh.... is it just me or does his dumb plastic device thing seem a little too idiotic? (cuz really, be serious here... ITS A DUMB PIECE OF PLASTIC! YOU COULD PROBOBLY GO 2 A DOLLAR STORE AND GET A BENDY PIECE OF PLASTIC... AND ITLL PROBONLY WORK BETTER THAN THIS DUMB"BEAUTY SMILE"THING!!!) i say... this is a rip-off! japan can do wayy better than this! :(

Anonymous said...

***PROBABLY ^^^^^