Thursday, January 06, 2005

For language teachers

There is one thing I can now stop feeling guilty about. I had promised myself (a while ago) to put up some links for language teachers who found my blog while searching for teaching materials for present simple. Every time Statcounter told me that a teacher had found me instead of something useful I felt bad about it.

Today I put some links together. They're down on the left in the sidebar, and there aren't many, but they are all ones I have used (except the last one, which I only found today and which looks good for the people who end up here), and they all link to others. Once you're in the ESL Internet world you can easily lose a few hours following links and trying to find anything remotely useful.

The first two sites give actual, usable lesson plans. I put those at the beginning because I know how terrible it can be when you have a couple of hours before a lesson and an empty head. I've been there often enough. The first one is particularly good for this. Humanising Language Teaching is at the other end of the spectrum. It is good for a lift when you're feeling tired and useless. Lots of good reading, lots of inspiration. After reading a few articles and browsing the teaching ideas you'll suddenly find yourself perfectly capable of coming up with a good lesson plan yourself. If you have time.

Also, if you are looking for something specific, you could try leaving me a note in the comments. Maybe I can help. (Comments are emailed to my usual address - using the yahoo address in my profile might not get to me so quickly as I don't often check it.) I have loads of teaching materials on my hard drive, collected over the years, and while I can't guarantee to be here or to have anything helpful for your specific situation, if I am here and have something I'll be happy to pass it on.