Monday, January 31, 2005


Today The Man and I went on a shopping expedition. We wanted to buy a saucepan, a fluorescent light tube, and something for dinner. We came home with the makings for curry and a wind-up cow.

We cycled further than usual because not many places sell saucepans around here, and when they do there isn't much choice. But when we got to the big store that used to have kitchen things on the fourth floor, we discovered they'd turned that entire floor into yet another ¥100 shop. Naturally we had to investigate, and that was when I spotted the cow.

A while ago I found a wind-up ninja on horseback in a ¥100 shop, and gave it to a friend in NZ. It was very successful present. It was utterly absurd. It bucked dementedly and made strange whirring noises, and everybody wanted one. When I came back to Japan I tried to get a couple more, but they'd stopped selling them. The cow is almost as good. It has a slightly drunken, head-nodding walk.

After we got home we went out again instantly after trying to turn on the light in the hallway.


Anonymous said...

If that cow could moo, you'd hit export paydirt! ;^)

Badaunt said...

Unfortunately it doesn't moo. It makes whirring sounds, same as the wind-up ninja on horseback. It's the windup thing.

Yesterday I had it sitting her by my tea cup and when I reached out absent-mindedly for the tea I touched the cow, which whirred a little. I almost hit the ceiling. It sounded EXACTLY like a large scary insect trapped under some paper.

Andy N. said...

That does it - the cow has to go... (should I send my addy??) ;)

Badaunt said...

It's going anyway. I'm meeting a friend today who is going back to NZ for a visit, and is looking for small gifts for nieces and nephews. The cow is going on a trip.