Wednesday, September 22, 2004


No work today. I was so surprised when I noticed that one of my universities doesn't start until next week. It was written in my diary, but I had forgotten what the date was. I thought they were starting this week.

When I got home last night there was a phone message for me. The bank called, and will call me back today, at noon. That's now, and they haven't called yet. I'm waiting.

What makes this odd is that it's not my bank here, but my bank in New Zealand. Why on earth are they calling me? They've never done that before. I have a little money in there on long-term deposit, and the deposit matures on October 1st, but I got the statement yesterday as well as the phone call, and it included my instructions. At the bottom the statement says, "There is no need for you to take action unless you would like to change these maturity instructions." I always just leave it, and the money is reinvested. Nothing is different this time, so why are they calling me? It's not as if it's a huge amount of money. It isn't. Certainly not enough to justify an international phone call.

I've think they must calling to tell me about the enormous amount of money some mysterious stranger has deposited into my account because they heard about what a wonderful and deserving person I am. The bank wants to know what to do with it. I've been sitting here all morning wondering what to tell them, and checking out various investment plans on the web. It's hard, being rich. The money is such a responsibility. And then all these other questions pop up. Should I quit my job, or not? Perhaps I'll get a new bicycle, one with gears. And should we get a new washing machine, that doesn't tie my clothes in knots?

Oh, these decisions are so tiring. I think I'll have a little nap while I'm waiting.