Saturday, September 11, 2004

Name change

I didn't like Theic so much. I don't feel like Theic, although I do drink far too much tea. So I tried again to change my name to Badaunt, to match my other blog, and which suits me much better. And lo! It worked! When I signed up I was told Badaunt was unavailable, so I can only imagine that since then someone has decided to become a Goodaunt. More power to you. And good luck! You have a hard road ahead of you.

I'm thinking, also, of installing the Haloscan commenting system. But I thought I'd ask my regular commenters first (all two of you). What do you think? (For an example of Haloscan comments, check out their news page, where they use it.)

Perhaps I should also do something about the way my picture faces the wrong way at the top of this page, too. Right now it looks as though I'll finish writing, get up, and fall right off the page.

Oh, yes. Things are happening around here. Just as soon as I get around to them.


Anonymous said...

1 vote against. The title is "present simple" after all.

Badaunt said...

OK. Actually I wondered whether the Haloscan comment system might be simpler to use than this one, which is why I was thinking of changing it. But I will go with whatever the vote decides. One against it is.

Any other votes?